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Ranga Pae: Waihua

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Artist: Ranga Pae

Artist: Ranga Pae
Title: Waihua

WAIHUA - Water drop caught, as on a leaf, and regarded as pure in not having touched the ground. On this, our third CD, we share the intimate music we enjoy playing in the quietest of moments. Improvisational in nature, these duets are accompanied by sounds from Hawaii: wind rustling sugarcane, gentle falling rain, a breeze blowing through a bamboo forest, waves lapping a canoe and gently breaking on shore, a waterfall softly falling on smooth stones, and the sound of whales singing off the coast of Maui. Waihua makes the perfect soundtrack for relaxing, dining, massage, yoga, soaking, or just chilling. Whether a resident, visitor, or someone who dreams of coming to Hawaii, we hope this music transports you through your imagination to the magical and incredible beauty of the Islands. Hawaii: a land where beauty is displayed from the mountains to the sea, and where diverse cultures coexist with dignity and aloha. From one precious drop of water, all life is sustained. Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers. RANGA PAE is: Kimo Huybrechts - bamboo flutes, guitar, ukulele, 'ukeke, guchin, conch, 'ili'ili, and keyboards Jody Okun Huybrechts - koto, silver flute, guitar, tingklik, erhu, and keyboards 1. ISLAND DREAMS - Featuring the koto and ukulele, this song evokes soaring over the verdant volcanic slopes surrounding the valleys on the islands. 2. FALLING RAIN - Composed in Kapalua, Maui where the rain often falls gently. 3. HALEAKALA SUNRISE - A joyous song celebrating the start of a new day. 4. MOONRISE SUNDOWN - A breathtaking sight from Waikoloa on the Big Island is when a full moon rises over Mauna Kea, and the setting sun makes the snow on the summit appear pink. 5. HAWAIIAN WHALE SONG - A duet on nose flutes accompanied by Hawaiian rhythms on clay drums, pu 'ohe (bamboo trumpet), a conch shell, 'ili'ili (smooth stones) and underwater recordings of whales singing. 6. DANCE OF 'IO & USAGI - A playful song of a dance by 'Io (the hawk, depicted by the Lakota Indian flute) and Usagi (the rabbit, depicted by the koto). 7. OVER THE PALI TRAIL - This song features the only stringed instrument indigenous to Hawaii: the 'ukeke (a two-stringed musical bow made of koa wood) accompanied by a Hawaiian nose flute. 8. BAMBOO FOREST - This song features a Balinese bamboo xylophone called a tingklik. If you listen carefully, you can hear the bamboo creaking and the leaves rustling as the wind blows through the forest. We had a fun adventure finding the perfect place on the way to Hana to record these sounds. 9. REMEMBERING KYU - In memory of Kyu Sakamoto, the singer of the original "Sukiyaki Song" entitled Ue o Muite Arukou. 10. REFLECTIONS - This composition was based on the melody from the hymn "Jinsei no Umi no Arashi Ni" (Haven of Rest) and from the Japanese folk song "Hamabe no Uta." 11. GREETING THE DAWN - A duet between a bamboo flute and a silver flute accompanied by a Chinese two-stringed violin called an erhu. 12. WAIHUA - In the Hawaiian language there are many different names for rain. This song captures the sound of a water drop symbolizing purity, along with the Indonesian suling and the koto. 13. ACROSS THE PACIFIC - In honor of the ancient Hawaiians who navigated their sailing canoes with precision across the Pacific by the stars at night. Performed on classical guitar and the Chinese guchin (a seven-stringed zither). 14. KALANA - A mellow escape by the edge of a waterfall with the sound of the koto and a Hawaiian bamboo flute personifying the peace that comes from forgiveness (kalana). Other albums by Ranga Pae available at CD Baby: Like Rain (1997) and Full Circle (2004).

1.1 Island Dreams
1.2 Falling Rain
1.3 Haleakala Sunrise
1.4 Moonrise Sundown
1.5 Hawaiian Whale Song
1.6 Dance of 'Io ; Usagi
1.7 Over the Pali Trail
1.8 Bamboo Forest
1.9 Remembering Kyu
1.10 Reflections
1.11 Greeting the Dawn
1.12 Waihua
1.13 Across the Pacific
1.14 Kalana

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