Rapid Eye Review

Rapid Eye Review: Marvelous Mediocrity

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Artist: Rapid Eye Review
Title: Marvelous Mediocrity

Going with a different approach from their first demo under the previous name, 'Ostara', 'The Marvelous Mediocrity' is an album about the observations of life and it's surroundings. If you are looking for songs about breaking up with a girl or how crappy your life is, you've come to the wrong place. Based around solid drumming and ambient melodic guitars, Rapid Eye Review will hopefully open your eyes to their music and what the underlying messages of the songs really are. Recorded at Studio 88 with Luke Beaulac, this album includes the vintage sounds from a wonderful vintage studio. Hint: wait a little after the last song, you just might find something...

1.1 Life Is Getting Better
1.2 Desperate Times
1.3 Running Scared
1.4 Call Me Out
1.5 Away from Me
1.6 Re-Programmable Computer

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