Rappin' Roy

Rappin' Roy: Back 2 School Healthy Hip Hop

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Artist: Rappin' Roy

Artist: Rappin' Roy
Title: Back 2 School Healthy Hip Hop

Lend A Hand Family is spearheading a 'NEW' movement called Healthy Hip Hop. Music is the universal language that unites people. We open the ears with music, while opening the mind with knowledge. We create songs covering a wide spectrum of topics with tight beats and positive lyrics. The purpose of this music is to keep our youth moving their bodies in order to stay in shape and mentally stimulated for success!

1.1 Back 2 School
1.2 Represent
1.3 Keep It Moving
1.4 Slow Down
1.5 Just Say No
1.6 Getting Ready
1.7 Watch Yourself
1.8 That's What's Up
1.9 Peer Pressure
1.10 Think Big
1.11 Stop Bullying
1.12 Never Give Up

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