Ras Peter Band

Ras Peter Band: Just Unwind

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ras Peter Band

Title: Just Unwind
Label: CD Baby

This CD is just what came out of me after a severe head injury in 2001. I can't read or write a note. I sit down at the keyboard and my hands go on auto-pilot. My brain doctor is using some of this music for relaxtion and therapy for her patients. It is very soothing.

1.1 Holding on
1.2 So Baby of Mine
1.3 Spirit of the Dolphin
1.4 Blue Aura
1.5 Odessey of the Mind
1.6 Nuages (Saying Good-Bye)
1.7 Life's Sunrise
1.8 Spirit of the Dolphin (Solo)
1.9 Blue Aura (Solo)
1.10 Odessey of the Mind (Solo)
1.11 Nuages (Saying Good-Bye) Solo
1.12 Natalie's Song

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