Rasputina: American Gingerbread

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Artist: Rasputina

Artist: Rasputina
Title: American Gingerbread

GREAT AMERICAN GINGERBREAD: RARITIES AND NEGLECTED ITEMS is a compilation of rare and unreleased tracks from cello-riffic trio, Rasputin a. The album features songs like "Coraline" from the Neil Gaiman tribute album WHERE'S NEIL WHEN YOU NEED HIM, "Skeleton Bang" from the COLOURS ARE BRIGHTER charity album, the score for the film which starred front woman Melora Creager, ON MY KNEES, as well as unreleased soundtrack work, music composed for animation, unused demos fourteen tracks in all. The included DVD features a live performance and Q&A recorded in 2002 at the Knitting Factory NYC.

1.1 Pudding Crypt
1.2 I Got to Sleep ['04 Demo] [Demo Version]
1.3 Do What I Do
1.4 Black Hole Hunter
1.5 Black Hole.2
1.6 Loom
1.7 Death at Disneyland [Unused Demo] [Demo Version]
1.8 Skylark [Unused Demo]
1.9 Children's Reform Centre [Instrumental Demo] [Instrumental][Demo Versio
1.10 Coraline [Remixed 1809]
1.11 Lizzie Borden
1.12 Mysterious Man-Monkey
1.13 On My Knees
2.1 Sweetwater Hill [DVD] [Live]
2.2 Antique High-Heel Red Doll Shoes [DVD] [Live]
2.3 Crosswalk [DVD] [Live]
2.4 Signs of the Zodiac [DVD] [Live]
2.5 Transylvanian Concubine [DVD] [Live]
2.6 Remnants of Percy Bass [DVD] [Live]
2.7 Trenchmouth [DVD] [Live]
2.8 State Fair [DVD] [Live]
2.9 My Orphanage [DVD] [Live]
2.10 Diamond Mind [DVD] [Live]
2.11 Rats [DVD] [Live]

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