Rasputina: Oh Perilous World

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rasputina

Artist: Rasputina
Title: Oh Perilous World

This limited edition comes in a deluxe six-panel digipak featuring a bonus disc.

1.1 1816, the Year Without a Summer
1.2 Choose Me for Champion
1.3 Cage in a Cave
1.4 Incident in a Medical Clinic
1.5 Draconian Crackdown
1.6 Child Soldier Rebellion
1.7 Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken
1.8 Old Yellowcake Breaking News
1.9 In Old Yellowcake
1.10 We Stay Behind
1.11 A Retinue of Moons / the Infidel Is Me
1.12 The Pruning
2.1 The Question of Time
2.2 Identity Tokens
2.3 The Humanized Mice
2.4 The Prunning [Pat Obrian/Access Hollywood Mix]
2.5 Flood Corps
2.6 Incapable of Regret
2.7 Desert Vampire
2.8 The Contractors
2.9 Infidel [Instrumental][Demo Version]

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