Raven Watch

Raven Watch: Sun Touched Earth

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Artist: Raven Watch

Artist: Raven Watch
Title: Sun Touched Earth

Patrick was born listening to an old cassette of "Are You Going With Me?" by Pat Metheny, hence the name sake. He began piano lessons and songwriting at the age of four, studying with many piano greats, including Desirae Brown (The 5 Browns). Patrick attempted founding several bands while growing up, but was constantly deterred by the lack of one or more key instrumentalist. This led him to learn the guitar, bass, and drum set, to "fill in" until they could find a replacement. Eventually, he began experimenting with recording his own songs under the band alias "i am echo". Patricks ability to perform every instrument, and to mix with precision grew drastically. At the age of nineteen, he decided to volunteer for service efforts in Germany and Austria for a period of two years. It was during this time that his concept for "The Raven Watch" began to reach fruition. Upon returning home, he promptly released the debut album "The Sun Touched Earth". Patrick currently resides in the shadow of the rocky mountains.

1.1 The Man
1.2 Infected
1.3 Rosery
1.4 This Fool
1.5 The Sun
1.6 Wind Song
1.7 Scratch
1.8 Lift
1.9 Could Be Loved
1.10 Twilight

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