Ravenna Colt

Ravenna Colt: Terminal Current

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Artist: Ravenna Colt

Artist: Ravenna Colt
Title: Terminal Current

2015 release, the second album from this band led by Johnny Quaid. As a founding member of My Morning Jacket, Quaid lent his talents as a guitar player and engineer to the band for six years, three albums and an array of EPs and singles. For Terminal Current, Quaid enlisted a group of like-minded musicians operating as a collective. The album features Jared Goodpastor (guitar, synthesizer), Brent Stewart and Tom blankenship (bass), Daniel T. Mohler and Kevin Ratterman (drums), Bernie Reilly (cello), David Givan (percussion), Phil Carlson (guitar) and Carl Broemel (pedal steel). Terminal Current expands on the sound Quaid established on his debut, while stretching into new sonic territory and atmosphere.

1.1 Like Pioneers
1.2 Absolute Contingency
1.3 The Crane Scale
1.4 National Dander
1.5 Terminal Current
1.6 Cold Top Crown Regime
1.7 Yutu
1.8 Impossible Light
1.9 Moira

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