Ray Cerimeli Martin

Ray Cerimeli Martin: Back in Bloom

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Title: Back in Bloom
Label: CD Baby

Back In Bloom is straight-forward and easy to digest. It comes down on the hard rock side with some moodier more relaxed moments as well. It' bluesy without actually falling into the 12- bar blues category. It's very much a throwback to a time in which artists like Peter Frampton, Reo Speedwagon, April Wine, Foghat, Survivor, Bad Company and Kansas were favorites on FM rock stations. Song 1 is a modern motivational rock construct built around a single repeating guitar run, complete with shred guitar provide by Steven Smiley and driving drums. It has a simple message, 'You're gona make it this time'. Song 2 is a soft but affirmative central project theme 'Back In Bloom'. At 4:42 long it is about awakening and rebirth. In less abstract terms it is about my reentering the musical world after a long hiatus, to start the most intensive creative writing and recording period of my life. Song 3 is a driving modern commercial rock song 'Thorns' is 3:05 long. In this case thorns are what are left of a disintegrated love relationship 'after the pedals are gone only the Thorns remain'. Song 4 has an upbeat rock flavor describing metaphysical combat combined with the solitary struggle of personal survival 'Man It's Hell' in the danger zone. Song 5 Forgotten Artist has a mysterious Latin rock flavor. It is centered on a haunting rubber guitar track and describes a universe hijacked by fools who draw only bad lines. The original artist and creator is perched on the sidelines with a fresh canvas waiting for the end of their folly for the chance to begin a new painting. Song 6 'Miles & Miles From Nowhere' at 4:55 accelerates the momentum with a blistering heavy rock format describing a place somewhere between nowhere and obscurity, a purgatory where the best that can be done is to pour out your prayers and wait for an opportunity to ascend higher. Song 7 is a soft reflective ballad 1:22 long inspired by the passing of my father. 'After Our Time' is about how the world continues after we're gone hardly noticing at all that we're no longer here. Song 8 "Your Pockets" 4:52 is a driving rock song designed around the idea that even more than gravity it is our possessions that sometimes keep us tied to the ground. Song 9 at 5:02 deals with immense subjects like mortality and man's role in a universe which is filled with melting forms as examined by the questions of a wild eyed young philosopher seeking the meaning of life in "The Seeker". Song 10 is a tender power ballad of a tortured soul stuck in the hallway of the past trying to understand that there is nothing left of the relationship in the present and that the light that was his love has gone out forever. "Now" is 4:28 long. Song 11 is a hard driving modern rebellious rock invention "Don't Change Us". At 4:49 it screams in the face of flawed ideas that replace individual rights and force subjects to serve a gang of crooked thugs who should be locked up behind bars instead of being in a position of power over them. Song 12 at 4:32 is a powerful reminder of the ultimate prize for individual souls who choose to remember the purpose of the journey, rain flows into the sea in "The Promised Land". Song 13 at 4:47 is a folk rock tribute to the greatest "Taxi" driver of all time, whose pen is forever silenced while driving down the highway steering with his knees writing franticly in his notebook. Harry Chapin's sprit and essence recaptured to once more be felt in "Living In Your Songs". Song 14 at 3:32 is an affirmative country rock flavored love song, about a relationship between a man and a woman who have vowed to love each other until the end of time. This love sustains, comforts and enriches the couple allowing them to prevail against the torrent storms of life. Song 15 at 3:47 is a story about the legendary venue's owners, employees and patrons which make "Greasewood Flats" (one of Arizona's best kept secrets) the unique experience it is. This song is written in an upbeat country rock dance beat. It's dedicated to the loving memory of Doc, Marge and Chris Cavalliere. The 16th and closing song "Don't Bother To Call Me" is a hard pounding rock invention at 2:58. Written for commercial release this is the ultimate breakup song of all times. If you've ever had it up to here with a relationship that was going nowhere fast this is the special message written just for you. It imparts in no uncertain terms that you don't wish to be a part of their depressing drama and have moved on. It makes the perfect ringtone. Use it in good mental health.

1.1 Baby Get Going
1.2 Back in Bloom
1.3 Thorns
1.4 Man It's Hell
1.5 Forgotten Artist
1.6 Miles and Miles from Nowhere
1.7 After Our Time
1.8 Your Pockets
1.9 The Seeker
1.10 Now
1.11 Don't Change Us
1.12 The Promised Land
1.13 Living in Your Songs
1.14 Loving You
1.15 Greasewood Flats
1.16 Don't Bother to Call Me

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