Rdna: Maremmare

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Artist: Rdna

Artist: Rdna
Title: Maremmare

This recording is indescribable! Four excellent musicians traveled to the US from Italy to perform this mixture of innovative musical styles. An oversized insert includes photos, and the powerful lyrics (in Italian with English translations). This eclectic mix of ballads, rock, and traditional styles is a timeless collaboration transcending cultures. Domenico Brandelli - Vocals, basses, pan flute Antonio Micori - vocals, trombone, flugelhorn Virgilio Nunzio Paolucci - vocals, guitars, percussions Roberto Tiberti - drums, percussions, accordion, piano.

1.1 U Mandara Ke
1.2 Illusion
1.3 Maremmare
1.4 These Are Critical Times
1.5 Mio Figlio
1.6 Fearless Little John Goes to Montasola
1.7 Ruvido
1.8 Poesia
1.9 Aesop
1.10 Farewell Bolero
1.11 Le Mani Degli Uomini

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