Reagan Browne

Reagan Browne: Daydreams in Stereo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Reagan Browne

Title: Daydreams in Stereo
Label: CD Baby

Texas singer/songwriter/rock artist Reagan Browne has drawn comparisons vocally to Steve Perry, Chris Daughtry and Sammy Hagar, and in addition to a booming voice that fans always come away noticing, Browne has also developed into a fine songwriter and guitarist. Each of those skills are front and center on Browne's new album, Daydreams in Stereo (due February 23), the follow-up to his 2007 debut, Comin' Home. For Daydreams in Stereo, Browne set out to add layers, literally and figuratively, to his songs to give them more depth, and he also played all of the guitar parts on the album. "There's a lot going on in each song, from multiple guitar parts, to multi vocal harmonies like Queen," says Browne. "But my vocals were a top priority, because that seems to be what fans notice the most." (For the record, Browne's range is five octaves.) In addition to the comparisons Browne receives, his creative process has also channeled the likes of Soundgarden, The Beatles, U2 and Van Halen. But while this wide range of comparisons is just that, Browne's music remains cohesive and meaningful, in particular on the melodic and ultra-catchy first single, "Goodbye L.A." "If I ever wanted to pretend to be other people on stage, I guess I would be Paul McCartney the songwriter, Chris Cornell the singer, and Edward Van Halen the guitar player," he says, before adding, "Maybe a little Prince and Freddy Mercury for show." That might all sound like a lot to wrap your mind and ears around, but if you listen to Browne's music, and hear the way his hooks channel his emotive lyrics, that's when you get it. You can't help but get it. Upon moving from Vermont to Los Angeles about a decade ago, most of Browne's friends and colleagues were aspiring musicians. That combined with the way he absorbed so many different types of music growing up, fueled his own passion to make music. "I think I got really lucky though because I had a huge vintage record collection that my neighbors threw away when I was around eight or nine," he said. "So I had this incredible collection of everything from Led Zeppelin to James Taylor. I was instantly drawn to the Beatles though, and they were my first influence." Upon the release of Daydreams In Stereo, Browne is planning to work it effectively to radio so that he can in turn do some more touring and build up his already-growing following. "I really just want to be able to get myself and my music in front of as many people as I can," he said. "I think I have great new album, and feel when the rest of the world hears it they'll think the same."

1.1 Goodbyela
1.2 Last Forever
1.3 Watch My World Explode
1.4 It's All Because of U
1.5 Feels Like Mondays (Without You)
1.6 Daydreams in Stereo
1.7 It Doesn't Have to Be This Way
1.8 Alright
1.9 Scream
1.10 Tell Me Lies
1.11 It Just Was Your Time

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