Real Be Easys

Real Be Easys: All You Can Eat

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Artist: Real Be Easys

Artist: Real Be Easys
Title: All You Can Eat

This album was mixed by the Mastermind who produced 'The Pixies' non other than Steven Haigler. Most tracks were recorded in Real Be Easys first studio 16 Virgin Boxes in Brooklyn, NY. The album features Evan Jaffee on Guitar and Vocals, Paulie T on Bass and backup vocals, and Doug Parsons on Drums. The album was originally 13 tracks but was expanded to 17 Tracks in order to make room for Solitude Jail, Low Key Man, and Every Time You call, three tracks mixed by Mike Kirsch with a very David Bowie-esque vibe. We hope you enjoy.

1.1 Beachy (Angel, Starfish, Serpent, Swordfish, or Sand)
1.2 Hey Butterfly
1.3 Be Comfortable (In Your Own Skin)
1.4 Shame (No One's Home)
1.5 Methadone (Na)
1.6 You Don't Love Her (Turn to a Flower)
1.7 Ask Alice (Why Do You Punch a Hole)
1.8 Way You Always Do
1.9 Spooning (Don't Hate Me)
1.10 Good Intentions (No Confession)
1.11 Infatuation (Why Are You Blind)
1.12 Beautiful Find
1.13 Thorn (Thief in the Night)
1.14 Static (Filet)
1.15 Solitude Jail
1.16 Low Key Man (True Love)
1.17 Every Time You Call

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