Real Big Beatz

Real Big Beatz: MacKin Tosh

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Real Big Beatz

Title: MacKin Tosh
Label: CD Baby

Blaxploitation films have made a profound impact on contemporary hip-hop culture. This is an insightful modern-day musical ride through the classic films 'TRUCK TURNER' and 'THE MACK' driven by a southern state of mind. The albums relentless lyrical darts illuminating from Right to Bare Arms (RBA) are only equaled by the severely thunderous production arranged by Real Big Beatz. 'It's like stealing the atmosphere of the 70's and having a 90's hailstorm inside an ultramodern nightclub' declared a well-known blog reviewer.

1.1 The Mack Is Back
1.2 Main Ingredient
1.3 The Hits Don't Stop
1.4 Do It Baby Stick It
1.5 Who's Drugs Is This
1.6 War
1.7 Marxmen Presidents
1.8 MacKin Tosh
1.9 Big Soulja March on 3X
1.10 Big Soul Ballad
1.11 Big Soul Meditation: Gold Coast
1.12 Big Soul Shack: T in Heaven
1.13 Current Affair: Transcendence

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