Rebecca Pidgeon

Rebecca Pidgeon: Raven

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Rebecca Pidgeon

Artist: Rebecca Pidgeon
Title: Raven
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition vinyl LP pressing. Rebecca Pidgeon, the acclaimed Scottish actress, has also displayed her talents as a singer/songwriter on several well-received albums. Taking elements from folk, pop, jazz, and Celtic traditions, Pidgeon crafts lilting, intimate poetry. Pidgeon's first Chesky release, 1994's The Raven, is most notable for her stunning version of "Spanish Harlem." Reflective yet contemporary, Rebecca's lovely voice rings with honest, unpretentious confidence and vivid tenderness. While her Celtic melodies set the mood, her lyrics tell stories, full, rich, textured, and open hearted. The album has gone on to become an audiophile classic, thanks to her crystalline voice and Chesky's high-fidelity recording techniques.

1.1 Kalerka
1.2 The Witch
1.3 The Raven
1.4 You Need Me There
1.5 Grandmother
1.6 You Got Me
1.7 Heart and Mind
1.8 Her Man Leaves Town
1.9 Seven Hours
1.10 Wendy's Style Shop
1.11 The Height of Land
1.12 Spanish Harlem
1.13 Remember Me

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