Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc.: Soundtrack to the Revolution

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rebel Inc.

Artist: Rebel Inc.
Title: Soundtrack to the Revolution

Metal, punk, and hip hop music recorded in the RAW. A sound with an edge that surpasses the band's debut EP released in 2009. The evolution of REBEL INC. Is apparent in this second release, with 9 tracks that may literally make your blood boil. The call for social and political actions against the corrupt is immediate and passionate, setting the tone from track one. Song by song you're caught in powerful guitar riffs, grooves that can be hypnotizing, and lyrics that will provoke your mind and compel you in some way. Jim Florentine from VH-1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' commented, 'The album is amazing!' REBEL INC. Is unsigned and 100% supported by fans.

1.1 Killin' the Future
1.2 Police State
1.3 You Said
1.4 Bring the Dead Out
1.5 No Song
1.6 G. I. Resistance
1.7 Burn
1.8 A Time to Kill
1.9 Justice

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