Rebirth: From Whispers to Passion

Rebirth: From Whispers to Passion
Title: From Whispers to Passion
Label: CD Baby

When the composer Guy-Roger Duvert and the singer Constance Amelane decided to work together in order to create Rebirth's first album, they both wanted to develop a music with Muse as main influence. But naturally, one song after another, other influences became obvious, like Depeche Mode, also one of Guy-Roger's favorite bands. At the end, when some tracks really are from the same musical world than Muse ('A New Life', 'My'), some others definitely evoke DM ('Foutain of Sin', 'Dark Insight', although 'Dark Insight' is also close from some of Bjork's work). The two instrumental tracks are more influenced by the work Guy-Roger does as a soundtrack composer. A track is quite unique in the album, 'From Whispers to Passion', which became the title of the album : orchestral at first, it then evolves all the time with guitars, percussions, piano... It is actually the only song of the album without any electro elements. Several themes are developped in the lyrics, like love ('From Whispers to Passion) or the need to escape from the world ('Haven', 'Running Away'), but two are actually very recurrent : a new beginning, and the affirmation of oneself. This album was made at moments in both artists' lives that were for them turning points and times of decisions and changes. This definitely had an influence on all the album.

1.1 Symphonic Intro : The Fall
1.2 Rebirth
1.3 A New Life
1.4 Back from Exile
1.5 Running Away
1.6 Wandering
1.7 Foutain of Sin
1.8 Dark Insight
1.9 My
1.10 Haven
1.11 From Whispers to Passion

Rebirth: From Whispers to Passion

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