Red Allen: Keep on Going

Red Allen: Keep on Going
Title: Keep on Going
Label: Rebel Records

Here are six cuts with Frank Wakefield (three unissued), his 1965 LP the Solid Bluegrass Sound of the Kentuckians and four Rebel tracks with Scotty Stone man on fiddle! Includes Don't Lie to Me; Purple Heart; Journey's End; Close By; I Don't Know Why; Keep on Going, and more.

1.1 Don't Lie to Me
1.2 Lonesome Weary Heart
1.3 Sad and Lonesome Day
1.4 I Don't Believe You'd Do Me Wrong
1.5 Little Birdie
1.6 Faded Memory
1.7 Froggy Went a Courtin'
1.8 Sad and Lonesome Day
1.9 Journey's End
1.10 Those 'Gone and Left Me' Blues
1.11 No Blind Ones There
1.12 The Family Who Prays
1.13 If That's the Way You Feel
1.14 Worry My Life Away
1.15 Down Where the River Bends
1.16 Hello City Limits
1.17 Out on the Ocean
1.18 I Don't Know Why
1.19 Plant Some Flowers By My Graveside
1.20 Close By
1.21 Froggy Went a Courtin'
1.22 Purple Heart
1.23 Keep on Going

Red Allen: Keep on Going

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