Red Crayola / Art & Language: Black Snakes

Red Crayola / Art & Language: Black Snakes
Title: Black Snakes
Label: Drag City
Product Type: VINYL LP

Black Snakes was issued in 1983 as a co-release by Switzerland's Rec Rec and Germany's Pure Freunde label. With a quartet featuring synth player ALLEN RAVENSTINE doubling on soprano sax, this was a smaller group than had appeared on either of the Crayola's two previous releases, Soldier-Talk and Kangaroo?. MAYO THOMPSON's guitar in particular shines in the space allowed by this configuration. As with Corrected Slogans, Black Snakes debuted on CD via Drag City in 1997. Now that it is 20 years since the most recent of the records was issued, it's time for all those who sail the way of The Red Krayola to have a copy to spin again-at going market rates, of course. (STREET DATE - 4/21/2015)

1.1 Black Snakes (Version)
1.2 Ratman, the Weightwatcher
1.3 The Sloths
1.4 The Jam
1.5 Hedges
1.6 A Portrait of V.I. Lenin in the Style of Jackson Pollock, Part 1 (Version)
1.7 Future Pilots
1.8 Words of Love
1.9 Gynaecology in Ancient Greece

Red Crayola / Art & Language: Black Snakes

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