Red Daughters

Red Daughters: Dealer

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Red Daughters

Artist: Red Daughters
Title: Dealer

CD reissue of this 2015 release. Dealer is the newly-built bridge between classic album-oriented rock and indie psychedelia. The Minnesota quintet could open Big Sur for CSNY and The Band as easily as tour the DIY circuit with Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr. Lounge smoke clears into fierce rock with expert precision. The Daughters' musicianship is peerless and their music is perfectly timeless. Kristoffer Tigue - City Pages: "Red Daughters have come a long way since gigging in an Inver Grove Heights taco restaurant's basement over a decade ago. Known for recalling bands like Cream and the Band and a wild live experience, their third album Dealer was in the making for about three years. 'This is the one we're not gonna cut corners on,' says vocalist/bassist Tony Beres. The result is a full, warm record akin to a Red Daughters live show. Dealer blends their countrified-rock sound with new elements of post-punk revival, blues, R&B, lounge-jazz, and even a bit of pop-rock. They even added horns to the mix. 'There's a lot of jazzy old standard type of vibes that slip in... but we disguise it as pop music and rock 'n' roll,' says drummer/vocalist Mark Hanson. With Hanson leading most of the vocals and the remaining four focusing on harmonies, there is a new sense of sophistication to their singing. Says Beres, 'We grew up together. We've been playing together since 10th grade. That's kind of our thing... it makes [our sound] a strength. It makes it much better.”

1.1 Big Love
1.2 Black Ice
1.3 In Love Without You?
1.4 Night Time
1.5 Voodoo Moon
1.6 Witch House
1.7 Heavenly
1.8 Protest
1.9 War Nam Nihadan
1.10 Burlesk
1.11 Blue Dreams

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