Red Hot 'N' Blue

Red Hot 'N' Blue: Hey There Man + Ain'T Gonna Stop

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Red Hot 'N' Blue
Title: Hey There Man + Ain'T Gonna Stop

Red Hot 'N' Blue were formed in South London around mid 1984. They surely have a great style, they play a unique mix of music in Blues with touches of Rockabilly, Jazz, Country and Rock 'n Roll. This double CD box holds two original released albums named: "Hey There Man" and "Ain't Gonna Stop" with 31 songs. A fabulous UK band still performing today. Highly recommended.

1.1 Going Away
1.2 Funny Kinda Feeling
1.3 My Brand of Blues
1.4 Uptown Cat
1.5 Blues Stop Knocking
1.6 I Wanna Go Back Home
1.7 You´Re the One
1.8 Find Out Whats Happening
1.9 One Thing I Ain´T Got
1.10 Every Saturday Night
1.11 Caroline
1.12 Ain´T Gonna Stop
1.13 You´Re the One #2
1.14 My Babe
1.15 Sure Like the Look in Your Eyes
2.1 Hey There Man
2.2 Jumping Around
2.3 You Know I Love You So
2.4 If You Think I Don´T Need You
2.5 Baby You´Ve Been to School
2.6 Give Me Back My Wig
2.7 Hi-Fi Baby
2.8 C´Mon and Rock with Me
2.9 Big Sandy
2.10 Little Girl from Memphis
2.11 Can´T Keep Me Waiting
2.12 Move Baby Move
2.13 Clicketty Clack
2.14 Baby You´Ve Been to School #2
2.15 Yes I´M Gonna Love You
2.16 Come Over My House

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