Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Albums & Singles 1982-1989

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Title: Albums & Singles 1982-1989
Label: Cherry Red

Deluxe four CD set in clamshell box. An integral part of the UK's post punk explosion, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry emerged from Leeds with their unique, demanding sound during the early 1980s. Guided by the singular vision of iconic bandleader and figurehead Chris Reed and sideman David Wolfenden, the band took onboard elements of the burgeoning gothic outlook of the post punk era, fused it with relentlessly rigid drum machine rhythms and an impenetrable wall of distorted guitars and won a strong following, both in the UK and abroad. Their first two albums - Talk About The Weather and Paint Your Wagon - emerged on Red Rhino Records before a jump to Situation Two inspired a development in the band's sound and a broadening of their outlook for the albums Nothing Wrong and Blow. All four vital albums are included here, along with singles, b-sides and remixes, and chart a fascinating history through the 1980s as seen through the eyes of Chris Reed and co. A must for the serious post punk and goth rock enthusiast, and a key part of the incredible musical explosion that took place in the UK during the 1980s.

1.1 Talk About the Weather
1.2 Hand on Heart
1.3 Feel a Piece
1.4 Hollow Eyes
1.5 This Today
1.6 Sometimes
1.7 Strange Dream
1.8 Happy
1.9 Beating My Head
1.10 I'm Still Waiting
1.11 Take It All
1.12 Happy (Single Version)
1.13 He's Read
1.14 See the Fire
1.15 Monkeys on Juice
1.16 Push
1.17 Silence
1.18 Hollow Eyes (12" Version)
1.19 Russia
2.1 Walking on Your Hands
2.2 Jipp
2.3 Last Train
2.4 Head All Fire
2.5 Mescal Dance
2.6 Shout at the Sky
2.7 Which Side
2.8 Tear Me Up
2.9 Save My Soul
2.10 Blitz
2.11 Paint Your Wagon
2.12 More Jipp
2.13 Chance
2.14 Generation
2.15 Spinning Round
2.16 Hold Yourself Down
2.17 Cut Down
2.18 Running Fever
2.19 Pushed Me
2.20 Crawling Mantra
2.21 Hang Man
2.22 All the Same
3.1 Nothing Wrong
3.2 Hands Off Me
3.3 Big Stick
3.4 She Said
3.5 Sayonara
3.6 World Around
3.7 Hard-Away
3.8 Only Dreaming
3.9 Do You Understand?
3.10 Never Know
3.11 Pushing on
3.12 Time Is Tight
3.13 Open Up
3.14 Another Side
3.15 You Only Get What You Pay for
3.16 Calling
3.17 Only Dreaming (Wide Awake) (Extended Single Version)
3.18 The Rise
4.1 Happy to See Me
4.2 Temptation
4.3 Shine a Light
4.4 Too Many Colours
4.5 Heaven
4.6 Gift That Shines
4.7 In a World
4.8 You Are Everything
4.9 West Wakes Up
4.10 It Was Wrong
4.11 Blow
4.12 Don't Know Why
4.13 Blow (Hard Press Mix)
4.14 Heaven (Acoustic Version)

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