Red Lotus Revue

Red Lotus Revue: 14 Stories

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Red Lotus Revue

Title: 14 Stories
Label: CD Baby

Reaction to Red Lotus Revue and 14 Stories: 'Fourteen Stories is a must-have for blues fans, especially of the traditional Chicago blues....' San Diego Troubador 'This is a great example of what a band can be.' ~ Michael Kinsman 'the group's original blues and covers of Sonny Boy Williamson were well suited for singer-harmonica master Karl Cabbage and guitarists Jimmy Zollo and Pete Fazzini' Orange County Register.

1.1 Suzanne
1.2 Ain't Got You
1.3 Drinkin' Muddy Water
1.4 Pass This Way
1.5 Please Don't
1.6 Key to Your Door
1.7 Homebody
1.8 Barkin
1.9 Fish Tail
1.10 Honest I Do
1.11 River
1.12 Smoker
1.13 You Can't Be Beat (Go to Sleep)
1.14 Santee
1.15 [Untitled

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