Red Mouth

Red Mouth: Sir Red Mouth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Red Mouth

Title: Sir Red Mouth
Label: CD Baby

Eric \'Red Mouth\' Gebhardt hails from Florence Alabama, driving a blue mini-van his mom gave him after his Ford Ranger finally bit the dust. Florence is located in the northwest corner of Alabama across the Tennessee River from the infamous Muscle Shoals. Eric\'s music is a mixture of American roots music, particularly delta blues, and punk rock legends from the Stooges to the Weirdos. His eclectic mix of sounds often gets lost on his Bible belt conservative community. He can usually be found playing and/or drinking at the Old Town Tavern in Sheffield Alabama, one of the few places that has accepted and welcomed him. Eric\'s first solo release came in 2004 in the form of \'Blues...$1.49lb\'. The album did well in his immediate surroundings but lack of proper distribution made it difficult for the album to travel very far from his southern foothills. However, the album did make it overseas and into the mailbox of They loved the album so much that they enlisted Eric as their \'Man in Alabama\', reporting on bluesy things, tales from the road and the occasional album review. Through BluesinLondon he managed to get an on-line record deal with Green Bullet and is expected to be added to the fledgling BluesinLondon Records. His album made it further into Europe, reaching the blues community in Estonia where it has received special attention. There has not been a trip overseas for Eric as of yet due to a lack of funding (his day job is as a record store clerk in the only record store for more than a 30 mile radius), but invitations have been offered and hopefully Eric\'s drunken, blazing red beard will soon storm the shores of England. \'Sir Red Mouth\' is Eric\'s sophomore effort, continuing his obsession with American roots music but taking that music even further. Bringing in friend, and local psychedelic pop guru Cody Gaisser for added instrumentation and ideas, Eric has put together a collection of songs that obliterate the walls between blues, country, and rock\'n\'roll. However, the magic lies in Eric\'s minimalist southern songwriting. If you want to know what it\'s like to grow up with big aspirations in a small-minded Alabama town with no interstate access, then this record is for you. This is the life of one Eric Gebhardt. Pour yourself a bourbon on the rocks and turn the lights low.

1.1 See What My Life Has Shown
1.2 Meat Hooked Baby
1.3 Shed No Tears
1.4 Shooting for the Stars
1.5 Even My Mama Told Me Lies
1.6 What's Who Is Who
1.7 Hearts on Loan
1.8 Dirty Needles
1.9 Never Been No Schoolboy
1.10 Muldoon Coldwater
1.11 Wasted Heart
1.12 Same Size Shoe
1.13 Just Like You
1.14 Otherside of the World
1.15 I Really Want to Hang Out with You
1.16 Hunger Tree
1.17 When the Devil Comes

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