Red Peters

Red Peters: Rare Recordings (1968-1989)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Red Peters

Title: Rare Recordings (1968-1989)
Label: CD Baby

A Blues singer of extraordinary power and a joy to hear. Listening to these rare recordings is like attending some life-affirming, soul-cleansing ritual. Utter involvement, utter passion and total respect for the truth and soul of the Blues.

1.1 Relax Your Mind
1.2 Baby It Must Be Love
1.3 Don't Think Twice
1.4 99 Years (and One Dark Day)
1.5 Ain't No More Cane
1.6 Guilty
1.7 Stealin'
1.8 Nobody Knows You
1.9 Caldonia
1.10 City of New Orleans
1.11 Like a Road Leading Home
1.12 The Danger Zone
1.13 I Ain't Superstitious
1.14 It's Not the Spotlight
1.15 Jelly Roll Baker
1.16 Sick and Tired
1.17 Tomorrow Night

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