Redeemed: Remember When

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Artist: Redeemed

Artist: Redeemed
Title: Remember When

"Remember When" back in the good old days, when we lived in a much simpler time. Back when we had time to stop in and visit our neighbors, sit on the porch and just relax for a few minutes. What a good time it was; then came Sunday the church was almost full every Sunday morning. It never started on time because every week you wanted to visit with your friends because you really cared about them and the events that were shaping their life. The song leader would click that old wooden podium then he would pull out his old tattered and worn Red Back Hymnal, I can hear him now, "Let's all turn to page..." you knew the song just by the number. The day when we didn't have to read songs off the wall, with cotton in our ears, songs that had a meaning, not just repeating the same words over and over again. If you have read this you may remember what I am speaking of, if so, you are sure to enjoy this collection of old gospel songs sung in true four part harmony.

1.1 Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now
1.2 Satisfied
1.3 Oh, I Want to See Him
1.4 Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
1.5 Farther Along
1.6 Ride That Glory Train
1.7 I Never Shall Forget the Day
1.8 Winging My Way
1.9 Love Lifted Me
1.10 Softly and Tenderly
1.11 Invitation

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