Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor: Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers & Other Short

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Regina Spektor

Title: Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers & Other Short
Label: Warner Bros UK

Import two disc (CD + PAL/Region 2 DVD) edition of this 2006 collection from the Russian-born, New York-based singer/songwriter. Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers... is a 12-track CD album compiling the highlights of her career up to 2006, drawing together songs from her long out-of-print debut album 11:11, tracks from the follow-up Songs and highlights from her magical breakthrough Soviet Kitsch including the single 'Us'. Also includes a bonus DVD featuring the 'Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch' and the music video for 'Us'. *Please note you will need an All Code DVD player to view. Sire.

1.1 Oedipus
1.2 Love Affair
1.3 Poor Little Rich Boy
1.4 Sailor Song
1.5 Mary Ann
1.6 Prisoner
1.7 Conquece of Sound
1.8 Daniel Cowman
1.9 Lacrimosa
1.10 Pavov's Daughter
1.11 Chemo Limo
1.12 Us
1.13 Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch
1.14 Us

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