Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor: Regina Spektor Live On Soundstage

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Artist: Regina Spektor

Artist: Regina Spektor
Title: Regina Spektor Live On Soundstage

Regina Spektor brings her singer/songwriter artistry to the intimate LIVE setting of the WTTW Grainger Studios in Chicago for the taping of Live On Soundstage. This performance, recorded on July 29, 2016 reveals the heart and soul of Regina's music that spans over a 15-year career.

1.1 On the Radio (Live)
1.2 Better (Live)
1.3 Bleeding Heart (Live)
1.4 Older and Taller (Live)
1.5 Grand Hotel (Live)
1.6 Small Bill$ (Live)
1.7 Black and White (Live))
1.8 Hotel Song (Live)
1.9 The Trapper and the Furrier (Live)
1.10 Sellers of Flowers (Live)
1.11 Obsolete (Live)
1.12 You've Got the Time (Live)
1.13 New Year (Live)
1.14 Us (Live)
1.15 The Visit (Live)
1.16 The Light (Live)
1.17 Fidelity (Live)
1.18 Samson (Live)
2.1 On the Radio (Live)
2.2 Better (Live)
2.3 Bleeding Heart (Live)
2.4 Older and Taller (Live)
2.5 Grand Hotel (Live)
2.6 Small Bill$ (Live)
2.7 Black and White (Live)
2.8 Hotel Song (Live)
2.9 The Trapper and the Furrier (Live)
2.10 Sellers of Flowers (Live)
2.11 Obsolete (Live)
2.12 Tornadoland
2.13 You've Got the Time (Live)
2.14 New Year (Live)
2.15 Us (Live)
2.16 The Visit (Live)
2.17 The Light (Live)
2.18 Fidelity (Live)
2.19 Samson (Live)

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