Relationships Jazz Quartet

Relationships Jazz Quartet: Relationships: A Jazz Worship Experience

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Artist: Relationships Jazz Quartet
Title: Relationships: A Jazz Worship Experience

Featuring: Mark Bovee, Jim Parocco, Jeremy Perigo, and Ade Brayboy. Within all the noise and busyness of life, the one thing that we each urgently need is authentic relationships. Our hearts ache for relationships where our voice is really heard, where we can laugh so hard it hurts, where we receive God-given prophetic insight, where we feel genuinely acceptable for who we really are (pimples and all), and where God's presence is so obvious. The only way to experience these types of transformational relationships is by sacrificing time and creating space. For a few days in the fall of 2006, we sacrificed the time and created the space for this type of relational atmosphere where friendship is fostered and transformation occurs. Our only agenda for this project was to be together worshiping with our instruments and allowing God to invade our relationships. As you listen, we pray that you sense your Father's deep desire to be in relationship with you, and we hope that our passionate, raw musical conversations (wrong notes and all) inspire you to take off the mask and be exactly who you were created to be.

1.1 Relationships
1.2 Here I Am to Worship (Jazz Jam)
1.3 I Need Thee
1.4 Trading My Sorrows (Praise Jam)
1.5 Joy
1.6 More Love More Power (Jazz Flow)
1.7 The Lord's Prayer

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