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Relevant Discord: Pathways of Brokenness 1

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Artist: Relevant Discord
Title: Pathways of Brokenness 1

"The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 01" is the debut EP from the band Relevant Discord. It is intended to be part one of a prospective three part eventual release. Musically, "The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 01" pulls from a variety of influences. Very present are the sounds of earlier grunge (Live, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden) combined with that of modern rock acts that approach the genre with updated techniques (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Chevelle, A Perfect Circle, Flyleaf, Seether, Three Days Grace). In addition to the grunge elements, the EP incorporates a moderate amount of string work with occasional piano accents (similar to Red or Evanescence). These additions are used carefully to build a given song's tension, to create a sense of beauty, and/or to take driving moments to a higher plateau. Lastly, "The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 01" adds little touches of texture by incorporating a variety of industrial related elements (in the nature of Nine Inch Nails or Filter). Nothing on the industrial front is overdone. Instead, little bits and pieces are added every now and again to add depth and color. "The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 01" offers a predominantly raw, driving, angst-ridden (yet not overproduced) sound. Songs like "The Refrain" and "We're in this Together" (a cover of the alternative/industrial hit by the same name released in 1999) rarely relent after picking up speed. However, songs like "Today We Remember" and "Law of Constants" take much of that same energy and offset it occasionally with pensive moments of string infused reflection. The song "The End of Silence" takes a slightly different approach than most of the EP's other tracks. On this song, the driving, visceral nature is traded in for a warm yet haunting tone. String work, piano accents, and a variety of harmonics and feedback combine to create an atmosphere that is both ascending and inviting. It is this atmosphere that carries into the introduction of "We're in this Together," as the two tracks flow one into the next without pausing. Lyrically, "The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 01" takes listeners on a brief yet poignant journey. "The Refrain" and "Today We Remember" start things off by exploring the depth of emotions and realities pertaining to loss, loneliness, reflection, and grief. However, things take an essential turn with "Law of Constants." It is here that the audience is invited to start searching for stability in the midst of life's varying storms. The tracks "The End of Silence" and "We're in this Together" wrap things up by encouraging listeners to find the strength they need to survive despite disappointments and set-backs. While the EP as a whole has a flowing message of both acknowledging and overcoming a vast array of hardships, every song is written in an open way so that each individual listener can relate their own experiences to the context. All being well, "The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 02" and "The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 03" (already written; yet to be recorded) will fill in the lyrical story even further of this three part compilation concept album. For those who desire to hear a little more from the band, in addition to the audio samples provided here, please feel free to visit Relevant Discord has a free download of "The Refrain" available there to those who want it. Other tracks from "The Pathways of Brokenness - Volume 01" can also be heard streaming on the Relevant Discord MySpace and Facebook sites.

1.1 The Refrain
1.2 Today We Remember
1.3 Law of Constants
1.4 The End of Silence
1.5 We're in This Together

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