Remainder / O.S.T.: Remainder (Original Soundtrack)

Remainder / O.S.T.: Remainder (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Remainder (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Song Cycle
Product Type: VINYL LP

Original motion picture soundtrack by Schneider TM (Dirk Dresselhaus) for Omer Fast's acclaimed first feature Remainder (2015). A heuristic creative approach characterized the collaboration between Omer Fast and Schneider TM, where music and images beautifully intertwined in a compelling sonic structure. 180 gram vinyl; Includes CD; Edition of 500. From the extensive liner notes by Thomas Venker: "Composition was about shared moments, a steady process of improvisation and interaction. They watched Remainder on loop until the sounds they were creating were an equal partner to the other aspects of the film and the life of it's characters. Omer Fast describes the music as possessing the capacity to step into the gaps of a room, in between his characters who have somehow lost their own connection with society. "

1.1 Credits
1.2 Intro
1.3 Cabin Flashback
1.4 Haircut Bad Window
1.5 Milk
1.6 Monologue
1.7 Operation Flashback
1.8 Love 1
1.9 Stuck at Home
1.10 Tomography
1.11 Bathtub
1.12 Christopher
1.13 Love 2
1.14 Car Park
1.15 Bank Nerves
1.16 Love 3
1.17 Robbery
1.18 Bank Flashback
1.19 End

Remainder / O.S.T.: Remainder (Original Soundtrack)

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