Rene Simard

Rene Simard: Titre a Venir

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Artist: Rene Simard

Artist: Rene Simard
Title: Titre a Venir

Already 45 best years of career René Simard, who made ??us gift of a new album for which he was invested as ever in the creative process. 12 original songs - including some delivered in English - were thus born, most impregnated friendly pop-folk sound very well sticking to the artist who, all smiles, like to compare the sound of the new material to that of a Jason Mraz or even a Cat Stevens. André Leclerc, René longtime accomplice, sign compositions, performing, musical direction and arrangements. Various authors have also contributed to the set, including Nelson Minville and Monique Fauteux.

1.1 Un Nouveau Reve
1.2 L'homme Sur la Lune
1.3 C'est Plus Facile
1.4 A Sailing Song
1.5 L'effet Pygmalion
1.6 Take Me Home
1.7 Rendez-Vous
1.8 A la Vie
1.9 Back to the Beginnin'
1.10 Trouver Ton Ciel
1.11 Le Vrai Du Faux
1.12 Thank You
1.13 A Chacun Ses Armes

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