Rene Suchil: Unknown Artist

Rene Suchil: Unknown Artist
Title: Unknown Artist
Label: CD Baby

'Sounds that confess to the ear, Bass waves that bleed towards the heart, Melodies that disturb the mind in a new direction, and echoes that stimulate the nerve known as Qnerve.' 'As you can see I use music like a pencil I use it like a wise utensil To make you smile. More than a style With the plucked sounds of the 3xOscillator It becomes all worthwhile Making your problems fade into a blur Not knowing what just occurred. With the bass waves of the TS 404 That follow the reverse snare drum beats Effortlessly opening your heart like a door With the help of the stuttering sounds of the granulizer. Taking you hostage like a space visitor While the choir strings lay you at seashore Opening your eyes you could have swore That you took flight and soared.' This is the music you wished the radio would play in your town. This is the Music you hoped someone would finally make. Your friends will ask you, 'Where'd you get those beats, and how'd you make that bass?' Thanks. Rene.

1.1 Knowing the Truth. (Intro)
1.2 The Suffering of
1.3 Have U Seen It?
1.4 Untitled
1.5 Artist Unknown
1.6 Threefortysevenam
1.7 Z12'O'Cl0Ck Hack3R
1.8 Mirror Bass
1.9 Break Up
1.10 The Plan
1.11 E
1.12 My Cup
1.13 Rec
1.14 Blind
1.15 Gina
1.16 Girl of My Dreams
1.17 Girl of My Dreams. (Instrumental)

Rene Suchil: Unknown Artist

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