Renfey: Rise

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Artist: Renfey

Artist: Renfey
Title: Rise

'There is always a melody in my head, there is always a rhythm, a beat My dream from first I remember is to be in that pulse - the pulse of music' With enough force to demand your attention and enough radiant emotion to make you cry, this Renaissance Rock Warrior, swooping down from hundreds of years of beauty sleep has picked modern day LA to bring us her vibrant and haunting alternative rock music...with the passionate voice of Renfey and the resonant sounds from music producer Kor, they invite you into the wild realm of their musical wonderland. Renfey has emerged from the studio, a cocoon of creativity where she and producer Kor have been writing, creating and living toward the release of 'Rise', Renfey's debut album. 'I think I walked into Kor's studio and I never left. It's been a two-year odyssey discovering what lay around the edges of music and improvisation and slowly molding such moments into songs. Like the words in 'Undeniable', I have to believe in this dream, in making music and sharing it.' And what a ride it has been, from her first determination three years ago to play her music live, dragging her guitar and a drummer around town until she was playing the larger clubs and defining her style to the day she walked through the doors of a castle studio that would become the magical domain of her dreams. 'You have a dream and then you realize it, almost surreptitiously. I don't play ten instruments, but I write and I sing and I have an ear for the music I hear and a world of passion, but suddenly with Kor, I had all this incredible music pulsing around me. We began pouring ourselves out like a madness... layering and discovering and honing... someday we will have to release some of our first twenty minute jams, some of which became songs on the album like 'Light Air I Breathe' and 'Wicked', just singing into the late hours of the night, finding myself in the freedom of song, inspired by the urgency of the moment...' It was obvious after making a three-song demo with Kor, which Renfey added to her live shows, that she wanted to make an album. The force they felt in creating compelled them to keep writing together. 'The second day I met Kor, I was inspired by a simple piano part he was playing, and in just one vocal take, this song just flowed out of me - It's called 'Catch My Fall'. Of course, we then built the music but truly from there it all began....' Renfey has been singing and making music from her earliest memories stomping around the magic forest of her childhood. 'My lessons in piano, guitar and violin were a disaster. I knew I wanted music, but I was so absorbed in singing. It gave me enough to write songs and scream out melodies, but I have been on a search for the music in my head since I was five. I plundered my parents music collection, which was a strange mix of classical, rock and roll and folk. I would find that one song and just play it over and over again from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel to Sarah McLaughlin and Billy Holiday.' While they were recording the album, Renfey was asked to do the end title song for the film 'Hangman's Curse' (20th Century Fox) along with being featured in a few other television and film projects. 'That was really an amazing experience, and the fans of the film have been so incredible in supporting the music. It was a new challenge to write a song for a film, to feel the theme of the story and then translate that into the words and music and still be true to myself musically. It just seemed to fit. There is a darkness to the film that ultimately opens up into the lightness of redemption, of acceptance. I had to put 'Over Occupation' on the album because I love the song and because it has been part of this whole experience.' Kor has staked his claim in LA as a composer and producer. Renfey was first struck on seeing his array of instruments from around the world, the studio covered with flutes and drums, a cello and a sitar, guitars and a grand piano and enough electronics, peddles and wires to boggle the mind. 'He is like a magician sometimes to me, waving his wand. And I could finally look at someone and say, okay I hear this sound over the piano and it goes, 'zic zic za zic', and then Kor tells me, oh yes let's try a dumbak, and then I could say, I want a beautiful sweet sound but with a faraway mystic feeling, and he pulls out a Saz. There are hints of these instruments on the album, but ultimately we translated the energy and feel through the dynamic of wide big choruses and intimate emotional verses using guitar, piano and interwoven electronica elements. From some of our first experiments you can still hear Arabic flutes on 'Old Man' and the dumbak on 'Journey'. Renfey's music has been called 'ethereal yet rocking' (Music Connection) and 'a singer of heart and soul poised for stardom' (LA Weekly). 'I love music that forces me to be in it. If it's background I don't invest in it. That's why I love Bjork and Radiohead - they invade me in the best way...the music becomes part of my experience. I have a dark and mystical side. I have felt this since my childhood like sometimes I'm born in the wrong century, but then I love the modern world - I am a modern warrior of music.... But I still wear my dagger and my flowered wreaths and my wings...' Of course Renfey has not stopped writing songs with the release of 'Rise', and she and Kor are planning and rehearsing for a West Coast tour in the coming months. 'Time to take the music on the road! What an amazing time in my life, all those late nights of writing and being touched by the twilight and the moon whispering and the dawn calling and a thousand emotions all the while devouring Bjork and Sigur Ros, Linkin Park and Massive Attack, Sarah and Beth Gibbons and witnessing moments of inspiration so freeing as to be otherworldly. Like the song 'Rise', it is a rising up when life is pulling at your seams and it has been magic....'

1.1 Come Down
1.2 Over Occupation
1.3 Rise
1.4 Right Here
1.5 Undeniable
1.6 Desert
1.7 Old Man
1.8 Light Air I Breathe
1.9 Catch My Fall
1.10 Journey
1.11 Wicked
1.12 Cravings

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