Reptet: At the Cabin

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Artist: Reptet

Artist: Reptet
Title: At the Cabin

Reptet is a genre-blending sextet composed of drums, bass, and four horns. They play original compositions incorporating jazz, reggae, rock, ska, punk, modern classical, avant-garde, and eastern European folk music. These six multi-instrumentalists bring an arsenal of twenty-plus instruments to create a wide variety of textures and sounds. Described as 'arresting, compelling and just plain cranked-up,' the music evolves into transformative performance art pieces utilizing storytelling and absurdist humor. Reptet has proven itself to be a unique and utterly enthralling multi-leveled experience that leaves audiences wanting more.

1.1 Mayfield Safety
1.2 Snow Leopard X 3
1.3 Milky Shakes
1.4 Something Like What
1.5 Mock Arena
1.6 Songitty Song
1.7 Agendacide
1.8 Trash Can Race
1.9 Pills

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