Resignators: Time Decays

Resignators: Time Decays
Title: Time Decays
Label: MGM

One of Australia's premier ska bands, the Resignators, are back with their debut album Time Decays, a ten track journey from the heart and souls of six individuals and their love of Ska. The Resignators have come up with a beautiful record exploring different themes and different genres whilst still staying true to themselves and their art. They've shown tremendous growth from their last offering the more pop sounding Offbeat Feeling a maturity that comes with relentless touring, writing and a love of their art.

1.1 Woftam
1.2 Kablammo!
1.3 No We're Getting Somewhere
1.4 Weirdos Superheros and Me
1.5 Ultimatum
1.6 Wake Up - Cinta Masters, Resignators
1.7 Parker Bros
1.8 Too Bad, So Sad
1.9 Here'n'there
1.10 Time Decays
1.11 Offbeat Feeling [Multimedia Track]

Resignators: Time Decays

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