Resonance Ensemble

Resonance Ensemble: Head Above Water + Feet Out of the Fire

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Product Type: CD

Title: Head Above Water + Feet Out of the Fire
Label: Not Two

His numerous concert tours lead the enterprising American saxophonist Ken Vandermark has always offered half of Europe to it's bastions are clubs like Alchemia in Krakow or the Blue Tomato in Vienna. Truly transatlantic is also the eleven-member ensemble Resonance, it's members from the US, Scandinavia, Poland and Ukraine come and whose most recent album, the beautifully designed double CD "Head Above Water / Feet Out of the Fire", was released on the Polish label NotTwo Records. The title already seems to indicate that you want to go yet grasped and controlled to the point, and in fact, up to 20 minutes long pieces are suite-like structured or organized through-composed ensemble passages. Equal to the input composition with the expressive title "Creative Reconstruction Company" begins with a driving funk bass line and shows that it does not last comes here to get Coltrane's Ascension back on the dance floor.

1.1 Creative Reconstruction Company (For Muhal Richard Abrams) 19:37 Head Above Water
1.2 Elegy for Two Rooms (For Fred Anderson and Von Freeman) 10:29 Head Above Water
1.3 Type a (For Michael Orlove) 21:22 Head Above Water
1.4 Fsa Color (For Thomas Bernhard) 19:51 Feet Out of the Fire
1.5 Lipstick in Hi-Fi (For Jean-Luc Godard) 15:55 Feet Out of the Fire
1.6 The Other Shore (For Robert Irwin) 10:55 Feet Out of the Fire
1.7 Watch Repair (For Michael Haneke) 20:23 Feet Out of the Fire

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