Resres Livulivuwan

Resres Livulivuwan: Miling'an

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Product Type: CD

Title: Miling'an
Label: CD Baby

A Woman Singing in a Mountain Forest. Sounds Traveling through Space and Time. Every Song Leaving a Wonderful, Joyous and Sentimental Echo. Miling'an is a traditional Paiwan myth. Every song in Resres's Miling'an is a modern echo of ancient legends. Resres was named "Best Aboriginal Singer" at the15th Golden Melody Awards. Through her singing, the listener travels through time and space.

1.1 Golden Miracle
1.2 Looking Back
1.3 Joyous Moment
1.4 Sharing
1.5 Today's Brilliant Sun
1.6 Miling'an
1.7 Love Song
1.8 Song for Gathering
1.9 Siaoguei Lake Romance
1.10 Liayisu
1.11 Let's Sing
1.12 You Are the Only One

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