Reveal: Hate Club

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Artist: Reveal

Artist: Reveal
Title: Hate Club

I am just a confused guy with alot on my mind.I think the world is fucked and we are all oblivious to the fact that the end is near.My music reflects my frustration with the government,religion,relationships,racism and so called friends.It is time for change,and that's what the hate club 'THC' stands for .Hate is a strong word that's why I used it but 'THIS IS NOT HATE MUSIC'.I am but one voice of a generation that has been force fed the trinity baced religions by a government that we don't support.Voting is a joke and the media has become the truth and that scares the shhh out of me and it should you to.If these are things that are on your mind daily then you might understand T.H.C. If not I'll explain it better when I 'see you in hell'.

1.1 Intro
1.2 100 Disses
1.3 Awake
1.4 It's a Wrap
1.5 Lost
1.6 Stand Tall
1.7 Flawless
1.8 Save Your Breath
1.9 Can't Wait
1.10 No Such Thing
1.11 H.A.T.E
1.12 I'm Sorry
1.13 On the Rise
1.14 Me and You
1.15 Storm

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