Reverend Rat

Reverend Rat: Imbolc & Ice

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Artist: Reverend Rat

Artist: Reverend Rat
Title: Imbolc & Ice

Recorded as part of the RPM Challenge in it's inaugural year, the entire CD was written and recorded in only 28 days. Themes of Pagan spirituality dominate the album, from the Celtic myth inspired 'At the Standing Stones', to the Fool's Journey in 'Arcana', and the Great Rite of 'Easter'. Songs from Imbolc and Ice have appeared on Lance and Graal, Deo's Shadow, and Pagan FM!, among other radio shows ad podcasts.

1.1 The Magus
1.2 Arcana
1.3 Original Pagan
1.4 Easter
1.5 The Oak King and the Holly King
1.6 At the Standing Stones
1.7 God's Bitch
1.8 Pretty
1.9 Arcana (Remix)

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