Rhonda Bennett Bodenstab

Rhonda Bennett Bodenstab: Every Thought of You

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Title: Every Thought of You
Label: CD Baby

I began writing in earnest in 1993 and I am told that my music is predominantly 'Romantic' in nature. I believe that refers to both the Romantic era with a contemporary flavor in the harmony and rhythms, as well as to a generalized description that it is music that speaks to the heart. I have been combining styles and periods so that I believe my music is influenced by my favorite past era which is the Romantic, as well as New Age and Jazz harmonies. Some pieces are just downright jazzy. I love many types of Jazz. I am also told that I write many varied pieces so that one common theme does not make the listener say, 'Oh that's HER stuff. Sounds just like the other pieces she's written' yet there are some common features that you will find from one piece to another, but not across the board. It must have a beautilful memorable melody and/or interesting and intriguing rhythms. At the end of each collection is a surprise piece, something that is just fun and reflects a favorite topic of mine like the old west, a certain type of slapstick humor or a character sketch of some kind. I liken this to the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box. You don't know for sure what it is till you get there so keep playing!

1.1 Every Thought of You
1.2 Talkin' Time
1.3 Sure Destiny
1.4 Reasons
1.5 Song on a Swing
1.6 Gone Walkin'
1.7 Timeless Treasure
1.8 New Old West

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