Rhythm Latino

Rhythm Latino: Get Up & Baila

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Artist: Rhythm Latino

Artist: Rhythm Latino
Title: Get Up & Baila

Influenced by Latin and Afro Cuban music, this CD is a compilation of English and Spanish songs. I picked these genres because they are the once that I grew up with and they are the once that make me feel great and bring out the better side of me. Inspired by my daughters competitive Latin Dancing, Ballroom Sport, I could not help but get inspired by the music of samba, cha-cha, rumba, jive and paso doble. All of which have deep history into African dance music. My lyrics are simple and straight forward and express how I feel about everyday things in life. I hope you all enjoy my songs as I had a great time writing and producing them.

1.1 Breakdown
1.2 Spider Web
1.3 Missing You
1.4 I Wanna Dance
1.5 Atrapado
1.6 Give Me a Chance
1.7 Linda Tierra
1.8 Not the One
1.9 Prove It
1.10 There's You
2.1 Breakdown [Instrumental]
2.2 Spider Web [Instrumental]
2.3 Missing You [Instrumental]
2.4 I Wanna Dance [Instrumental]
2.5 Atrapado [Instrumental]
2.6 Give Me a Chance [Instrumental]
2.7 Linda Tierra [Instrumental]
2.8 Not the One [Instrumental]
2.9 Prove It [Instrumental]
2.10 There's You [Instrumental]

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