Ricardo Donoso

Ricardo Donoso: Deterrence

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Artist: Ricardo Donoso

Artist: Ricardo Donoso
Title: Deterrence

Considered by many in underground circles to be a true masterwork of the dark ambient genre, Deterrence is often compared to works by artists such as Biosphere, Lustmord, and Deathprod. Ricardo Donoso is a composer, percussionist, and electronic musician from Rio de Janeiro who currently resides in Boston. He has participated in a slew of projects over the years, notably playing drums for avant-death metal unit Ehnahre and being one-half of the ever morphing electronic duo Perispirit. Ricardo's musical vocabulary draws as much from contemporary composition and drone as it does from techno and noise.

1.1 Simulated Charity
1.2 War of Attrition
1.3 Prisoner's Dilemma
1.4 Axiom of Choice
1.5 Mutual Assured Destruction

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