Ricardo: Irony

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ricardo

Title: Irony
Label: CD Baby

The latest labor of love from one of the Northwest\'s (and now Hawaii\'s) quirkiest songwriters, including wonderful contributions from a group of Seattle\'s finest: Orville Johnson, Garey Shelton, Will Dowd, Wayne Horviz, Jay Thomas, Hans Teuber, Jeff Busch, Alicia Healey and Jami Sieber. Co-produced with Orville Johnson of Seattle, it was mastered by Rss Nyberg in 2008. It includes eleven original songs (Americana, folk/blues and jazz categories). Lyric themes range from the ironic-\'My Fault Insurance\' (swing noire) and \'Live That Long\' (banjo & trumpet?)-to the serious-\'Listen\' (ballad), \'Yesterday\'s Blues (acoustic blues) and \'Love \'Em Anyway\' (folk rock). In between are a variety of instrumentals.

1.1 My Fault Insurance
1.2 Makeanehu
1.3 Live That Long
1.4 Weltschmertz
1.5 Sauce
1.6 Listen
1.7 We Gotta Stop Not Meeting Like This
1.8 Yesterday's Blues
1.9 Seven Year's War
1.10 Epitrope
1.11 Love Em Anyway

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