Rich Cerniglia

Rich Cerniglia: Dreamcatcher

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rich Cerniglia

Artist: Rich Cerniglia
Title: Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a guitar based album that jumps out of the box with a passionate mix of Brazilian, Latin and American smooth jazz rhythms. It is filled with energy and dreamscapes, it is relaxing yet stimulating, a mover from start to finish.

1.1 Riverdance
1.2 Smoothe Sailing
1.3 San Rafael
1.4 Just Do It
1.5 Lagrima
1.6 The Miracle
1.7 Softer Than Moonlight
1.8 Marina
1.9 Hope Down the Tracks
1.10 Just a Whisper
1.11 Moonlight Lovers

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