Richard Chadwick

Richard Chadwick: Still Dreaming

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Artist: Richard Chadwick
Title: Still Dreaming

This is the debut album by Canadian Jazz / Rock Guitarist Richard Chadwick.He is by no means a new comer to the Music business. Richard's been a Freelance and Studio Musician for many years. He has toured throughout Canada and Europe and Lived in Los Angeles in the early 1980's. Richard comments 'This Album is a reflection of all the different Musical Styles that I have absorbed being a freelance musician and Session work for other Artists. The songs are unique from each other and took on a life of their own!! It's a collaboration of coarse. I'm lucky to have a great Producer Ray Garand who brought out the best in me. This CD is truely smooth jazz fusion!! I hope you Enjoy!! ' RC.

1.1 Another Day in Paradise
1.2 Sao Paulo
1.3 Still Dreaming
1.4 R;B
1.5 Under the Palms
1.6 In the Zone
1.7 Dawn Over Brazil
1.8 The Other Side of Life
1.9 Mystery
1.10 Super Monster Killer

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