Richard Cheese: I'd Like a Virgin

Richard Cheese: I&
Title: I'd Like a Virgin
Label: Surfdog Records

This 2004 release is an 'intuxicating' collection of loungified covers including Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice", Coldplay's "Yellow" and Michael Jackson's "Beat It" accompanied by a children's choir.

1.1 Gin and Juice
1.2 Yellow
1.3 Girls, Girls, Girls
1.4 Are You Gonna Be My Girl
1.5 Message from the Other Dick (Clark)
1.6 Butterfly
1.7 Hey Ya
1.8 Beat It
1.9 Milkshake
1.10 Dick in Las Vegas
1.11 Personal Jesus
1.12 Material Girl
1.13 RC on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly
1.14 War Ensemble
1.15 Stand Up
1.16 Song Request
1.17 Feeling This
1.18 99 Luftballons
1.19 Rock the Casbah
1.20 Longview
1.21 Pussy/The Tiger Story
1.22 Richard Cheese Radio Announcement
1.23 [Untitled Track]

Richard Cheese: I'd Like a Virgin

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