Richard Geller: Songs About Something

Richard Geller: Songs About Something
Title: Songs About Something
Label: CD Baby

Fellow artists and musicians describe Richard Geller as a Renaissance man. He is a novelist, a poet, and an accomplished songwriter. As such, his music is part of a much larger body of work that focuses on issues of alienation, connection, our personal quest for meaning, and the real possibilities for peace-of-mind. His songs are gentle, kind and always about something worthy of thought and reflection. Yet, they are deceptively simple, clear and accessible-about ordinary things like finding work you love, loss, enduring friendship, or the mystery that is this thing we call the world. Geller's advanced professional training includes an MFA in creative writing from the prestigious Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa as well as MA and MPhil degrees in literature from Yale University. Geller has also received hands-on training in songwriting at the Swannanoa Gathering. He has published three novels: Whose Pot Is This?, The Raspberry Man, and The Secret Life Of My Father and three volumes of poetry: Iowa, Living On The Outskirts Of Heaven and True Worldly Things. Geller is carving his own path as an artist. His unique, one-of-a-kind website is a whimsical 3D world inspired by his books and music. It is building a global audience for his work and receives on average about 4000 visits every month from up to 68 countries. At the same age as Keith Richards, Geller is just now breaking into the music scene after picking up the guitar and beginning composing only in the last few years. He has played to large audiences at the Swannanoa Gathering in Ashville, NC, opened for Gretchen Witt, and done open mics in his home state of Connecticut. "Every Time I See Your Face" was recently selected for a national TV campaign for the Norwegian Cancer Society and began airing on Christmas Day, 2010. What people are saying about Songs About Something: "...Strikes me as a cross between Burl Ives and Leon Redbone, and has an extremely relaxing and soothing quality about it. I could listen to it for hours. I hope to hear more from you." "Every Morning: Really lovely, Richard. My favorite of anything I've heard from you. Sincere, hard-worn, personal truth..." "I'm a hard rocker at heart, but this stuff IS really good. And I'm very hard to impress." "Everything Comes Everything Goes: I've been meaning to tell you how much I like the song. LOTS of great lines in this one. And I really connected with the message, as I'm sure you would have guessed. My fave so far... Great work!" "Wow. Your songs are really wonderful. I certainly think that you have a real thing going here. Your voice is perfect for the songs and your guitar playing is simple and moving, so it's clear you will make a real impression on people." "Hey Richard, Excellent music man! Props! Keep up the good work." "I visited your site again. I heard for the first time the song, The Light That's Always There. I was really touched by it; it was particularly poignant given recent events. It brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful. You really have something special going on there." "Richard, thanks for taking up the 30min of my day. I can't stop looking at your site. The music is great and you made a new fan for sure." "Your site is very visually stimulating and I enjoyed your music as well; keep it up it's definitely about something." "Your site is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, nice tracks as well." "Your music sounds great! Have your songs ever been picked up? Better yet, are you currently signed with a label? To be honest, when I listened to the song on your website the first thing that comes to mind is a song that would play in a scene from a film." "What a rich, multilayered and interesting website! As a fellow musician, writer and artist, I can appreciate your many talents." "...Most definitely unique, soothing, fanciful ambrosia, and just plain fun."

1.1 Every Time I See Your Face
1.2 Everything Comes Everything Goes
1.3 If You Must
1.4 The Heart Always Knows the Way Home
1.5 Right As Rain
1.6 The Light That's Always There
1.7 Old Man Thomas
1.8 Take the Long Way Home
1.9 Ponce de León
1.10 Wishing
1.11 Time Will Heal
1.12 Sally Anne
1.13 Every Morning
1.14 All Your Hopes

Richard Geller: Songs About Something

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