Richie Kotzen: Telecasters & Stratocasters: Klassic Kotzen

Richie Kotzen: Telecasters & Stratocasters: Klassic Kotzen
Title: Telecasters & Stratocasters: Klassic Kotzen
Label: Store for Music

A must have collection from the world renowned singer/songwriter and musician Richie Kotzen. The 3 CD box set contains the albums, 'Break It All Down', 'Something To Say', and 'What Is' plus bonus tracks from the album Wave Of Emotion. Kotzen has used Fender electric guitars for most of his career, most notably his signature model Telecasters and Stratocasters, as well as other custom-made models.

1.1 Break It All Down
1.2 Killin' Time
1.3 The Feelin's Gone
1.4 Some Voodoo
1.5 I Would
1.6 You Don't Know
1.7 Live a Little
1.8 I Don't Belong
1.9 My Addiction
1.10 It Burns
1.11 I'll Be Around
1.12 Wave of Emotion (Bonus)
1.13 Breakdown (Bonus)
1.14 World Affair (Bonus)
2.1 Something to Say
2.2 What Makes a Man
2.3 The Bitter End
2.4 Faded
2.5 Let Me in
2.6 Rust
2.7 Ready
2.8 Aberdine
2.9 Holy Man
2.10 Camoflauge
2.11 Turned Out
2.12 Air (Bonus)
2.13 Moonshine (Bonus)
2.14 Time's Gonna Tell (Bonus)
3.1 What Is
3.2 Too Deep
3.3 You Got a Fire
3.4 Locked Out
3.5 You Don't Owe Me
3.6 Angie
3.7 Open Your Eyes
3.8 Strength
3.9 Lose Again
3.10 Cross the Line
3.11 I'm Losin' You
3.12 No Reason (Bonus)
3.13 I'm Comin' Out (Bonus)
3.14 Sovereign (Bonus)

Richie Kotzen: Telecasters & Stratocasters: Klassic Kotzen

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