Richie Pardo Quintet

Richie Pardo Quintet: I Get the Message

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Artist: Richie Pardo Quintet
Title: I Get the Message

As a bassist, this CD is a blessing...very few musicians are into Oscar Pettiford...I have nothing but love and respect for the creative music that has come out of this production. The tunes by Oscar Pettiford and Richie Pardo (my dear friend and fellow bassist) are wonderful. The band consisting of Ron Dewar-Tenor, Mark Feldman-Violin, Jeremy Kahn-Piano, Bugs Cochran-drums, Richie Pardo-bass. What a great sound with the violin...I love it. -Bob Cranshaw.

1.1 Tamilpais Indian Love Song/To the Wind
1.2 Tricrotism
1.3 Two Little Pearls/The Cello Twins
1.4 Bohemia After Dark
1.5 The Gentle Art of Love
1.6 Op's Id
1.7 Swingin' Til the Girls Come Home
1.8 My Little Cello
1.9 Something for You/Chance It

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