Richter / Boehmova / Radostova

Richter / Boehmova / Radostova: Te Duem 1781 / Exsultate Deo

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Title: Te Duem 1781 / Exsultate Deo
Label: Supraphon

Nearly 1,000 kilometres separate Holešov, Moravia, from Strasbourg. Franz Xaver Richter's professional journey started in Count Rottal's court orchestra in Holešov and ended in the prestigious post of Kapellmeister at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Strasbourg. He is primarily known as one of the major representatives of the renowned Mannheim School, with his "trumpet" Sinfonia No. 52 in D being a typical example of the late Mannheim form. The grandiose Te Deum, featured on the present album, is Richter's second setting of the hymn and was first performed in 1781 in Strasbourg, during the celebrations marking the centenary of the city's coming under French administration. Along with the motet Exsultate Deo, the piece falls within the composer's vocal-instrumental oeuvre, which has yet to be explored (and, just as in the case of Jan Dismas Zelenka's music, contains many unexpected twists and turns). The virtuoso, engrossing and masterfully balanced Oboe Concerto with the original cadenzas represents Richter's concertante style. Following their premiere recordings of Richter's Requiem and the Passion oratorio La Deposizione dalla croce di Gesù Cristo, the present Czech Ensemble Baroque album maps another part of the remarkable 18th-century composer's work. Newly discovered gems from Franz Xaver Richter's undeservedly overlooked oeuvre.

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